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Reversing Aging TA 65 Replacement

Updated: Apr 19

For centuries the roots of the astragalus plant grown in China have been used for medicinal purposes. Only recently has it been used to make TA 65. This is the only medicine that has been clinically proven to reduce or reverse aging. In my own case it knocked over 10 years off my biological age. This is described in my little book “Run/Walk for Your Life : Take  TA 65 to Reverse Your Age“. Since the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus that originated in China I have become concerned about whether we will have an adequate supply of the astragalus root to meet the demand. As a lawyer I helped Noel Thomas Patton overcome the objections of the Federal Trade Commission to the sale of this product.  I was never paid by him, but instead I was paid by Dr. Ed Park of California. He had to mount a GoFundMe drive to pay my modest retainer . There is available on Amazon.com an inexpensive substitute which I have shared with an older relative. It is Astragalus, made by NusaPure. I would like to hear from any readers on what their experience they have with this inexpensive substitute.

The TA 65 is made out of the roots of the Aswanganda plant, which has been growing in China. It has been used for medicinal purposes in China for over a thousand years. . The advantage for consumers is that it can be bought on Amazon.com for one tenth of the cost of the price of TA 65.

As i previously wrote it  bothers me to give any one company a monopoly on a substance that is critical you living longer. Because Noel Thomas Patten has a patent on TA 65  he is free to raise the prIces at will.


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