• Michael McLeod

Beware of Fraudsters Preying on the Elderly

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

I recently found out there even more scoundrels exploiting our senior citizens than I thought. Because this website is directed at those interested in aging it has been a target.  I spoke to this guy who pretends to be in Scottsdale, Arizona but whose telephone number indicates that he is in the tiny town of Searchlight, Nevada. His telephone number is 702-620-5565. If you dial his number you can see that he has changed his pitch from promising to make you rich without doing any work to providing for you in case of an emergency.

Unfortunately for him, he went too far. He tricked me into giving him ACH information on my bank account. He then proceeded to drain my bank account until I had to close it. However, this was the Federal crime of wire fraud and I have filed a complaint against him with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Michael R. McLeod


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