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Students of Aging


I began this new website because it is important that there be an exchange of ideas among serious students of aging. A few cases are illustrative. 

A few months ago my old friend and hero John McCain died at the age of 81, with five of those years having been spent in a dungeon in Vietnam as a prisoner of war. His  heroism is why I supported his run for the Presidency. His mother said “you should never have to bury your own son”. Her age is 107. 

  On the celebrity front, famous movie star Kirk Douglas is alive at age 102.  His wife Ann Buydens is alive at 100. Their son Michael Douglas, a very successful actor, is 74.  

Here is a website detailing all living persons 100 years of age and older.​ 

       Here is a story about Olivia De Havilland, star of Gone with the Wind.  I remember seeing this      movie when the school bus brought my class to town to see  it.

The book “The 100-Year Life : Living and Working in an Age of Longevity “ is a meticulously researched and documented book.  The book deals with the reality of the 100 year life, while my website deals with how we can live healthy to 100 and beyond. I have written three books on this subject. 

They are (1)  “Flat Belly for Life: A Holistic Guide to Living a Healthy, Purpose Driven Life into Your 100’s “, (2) “Flat Belly for Life Revisited “, and “Run / Walk for Your Life : Take TA 65 to Reverse Your Age”. These books reflect my involvement as a lawyer in getting TA 65 approved by the Federal Trade Commission. 

While I think TA 65 is a terrific product. I bothers me that it is made only from the roots of The astragalus plant, which is grown only in China. Two years ago I spent  a week in China as the guest of Chairman Shi, one of The richest billionaires in China. It is the only time I was ever driven around in a Rolls Royce limousine. At a luncheon I gave Chairman Shi a bottle of TA 65 as a token of my appreciation.  

However, with the ups and downs of trade relations between our two countries, I worry about our senior citizens depending on China for their longevity. Recently I was reacquainted with  Dr Bill Andrews. He was a part of the team at the Geron Corporation when it patented TA 65 in 2009.  The patents were sold to Noel Thomas Patton. He is taking advantage of his exclusive rights to this product to make big profits. I am not sure who concerns me most, the Chinese or Noel Thomas Patton.

Fortunately, Dr. Andrews has founded his own company,  Sierra Sciences. He is seeking the funding to do the expensive clinical testing for a new product that does not depend on the astragalus plant. His website is In the interest of full disclosure, Dr. Andrews is a fellow graduate of the University of Georgia. My undergraduate degree was in economics, and I began my law school studies at the University of Georgia. He earned a doctorate in molecular biology at the University of Georgia.

      There are many supplements that I take for aging. However, I have severely cut back on them,          saving myself thousands of dollars. The only prescription drug I take is Jardiance for my type 2 diabetes.

      Also, our bodies are different. The purpose of this website is to provide an open forum for the exchange of information.

       I do have my telomeres tested by every year and my biological age is 14 years less than my chronological age for the second year in a row.

As we reach the era of the 100-year life, age discrimination is more of a problem. More and more people want to work into their seventies or even into their eighties. I am one of those people. 

Therefore I registered the new domain It contains the latest news on age discrimination. 

Here is a great article about a 103 year young lady!

Mike  McLeod